The Removal and Remediation of Kitchen Mold

The Removal and Remediation of Kitchen Mold

You do not have to get toxic and expensive chemical mold removers in the market. Your kitchen has lots of products that can be used for removal and remediation from Mold. Notice the fuzzy and velvety object that is either in black or brown found in your sink? It can also be green or orange too. These are molds. It is a microorganism that grows anywhere that has an ample amount of moisture that can sustain its living. The sink mold is just a kind of millions of molds. Too much exposure to molds is hazardous to health especially if your immune system is weak. Infants, the elderly, pregnant, and those with respiratory problems are mold’s target.

When one notices mold growth, it should be acted upon right away before things get worse. There are many chemical mold killers in the market to choose from. Most of these chemicals mold killers or disinfectants have different reactions not just to molds. The reactions vary from one person to another. In some cases, these mold disinfectants are harmful to the environment as well.

Bleach is not a good product to kill molds. It often creates staining problems on objects. Other chemical mold removers may also contain chemicals that will give more dangerous effects on you than molds do. To kill molds without undesirable effects we can always remove and solve mold problems with natural mold removers.

The most common household material to clean molds is vinegar. It has been tried and tested for many generations. You can spray it on affected areas let it sit for some time. This will allow the moisture to evaporate thus depriving molds of the water it needs to survive. You can also use vinegar by washing mold infested clothes and curtains. For utensils that are infested with molds, you can boil vinegar and water in it. But do not forget to run water and soap into it to wash off the vinegar smell. You do not have to worry about sniffing in the fumes of vinegar. It is way too safe than breathing in mold spores.

Lemon juice does more than just quench our thirst. It works the same way vinegar does when it comes to molds. You can also apply lemon juice to the affected areas then apply salt before scrubbing the area thoroughly. A good thing when you use lemon is that it has a desirable scent that vinegar does not have. Most people opt to use this because of the scent that it has.

Baking soda aids well in getting rid of molds too. You sprinkle baking soda on affected areas and either wipe it off directly or scrub it like soap powders. The grapefruit seed extract is great mold removal and remediation too. A teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract is all you need mixed in a small bottle of water. Spray it and make your home mold-free. One good thing is that the scent of this is so refreshing that stays after cleaning.

Removal and remediation does not need to be expensive and toxic. So when molds start to crawl into your home, run to your kitchen cabinet and grab safe and natural mold removal.

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