Carpet Cleaning

There are different ways of cleaning carpet which include shampooing and steam cleaning. Shampooing wears out the carpet and steam cleaning can work well, however most companies’ machinery won’t reach the proper heat and there will usually be an odor of wet carpet which will last for at least 24 hours or more.

Our company uses the most advanced steam cleaning equipment which hits the carpet at the proper boiling point, enough to kill most live harmful toxins such as germs, bacteria and mold spores. Our water extractor is the most powerful in the market to ensure your carpet dries as quick as possible. We use carpet dryers with one horsepower to completely dry your carpets. You won’t need to walk around with booties or socks while leaving your carpet dry like other companies. Leaving your carpet wet is a terrible idea for many reasons. Some of the most obvious are that it will attract more dirt, bacteria & mold. Also, a smell can easily develop if not dried quickly. Another issue that our competitors don’t consider is that the moisture will wick down to the padding, which can cause endless issues with your carpet. We like to apply the best scientifically proven methods for the best results in your home.

Equipment and machinery for cleaning your carpets and furniture make a world of a difference. We only use the highest grade of equipment on the market with the most technologically advanced systems. This will assure that your carpets will be free of not only dirt, but bacterias and mold as well.
We use high powered, commercial grade equipment to clean and dry out all carpets and furniture. We use a carpet cleaner which reaches 212 degrees Farenheit. At this tempurature, it will kill most bacterias left behind from the flood. Most restoration companies steam clean your carpet, which only gives off 160 degrees which is only enough to get rid of dirt in your carpet. After cleaning your carpets and furniture properly, our drying process surpasses every other technique. Drying the carpet properly is the trick to not getting mold grow in your carpet. Our technique will fully dry your carpet within the 1st few hours.