Our company has been one of the pioneers in the disinfecting industry for Over 20 years. In 2009 when the H1N1 influenza flue virus broke out, our company was a major force in decontaminating and disinfecting, homes, businesses, medical facilities, commercial and residential properties.


There are times when there is a need to disinfect an area or many areas on your property. Although this might seem simple for basic cleaning, it is not the case when there might be a more serious contamination. At times when a serious cleanup or decontamination is needed its experience and know how that counts.

Our in-house Indoor Air Quality Environmentalist along with our associate laboratories are constantly researching and testing for the most effective and safest disinfecting and protecting products. All our disinfecting and protecting shield products are non to very low toxic and safe for humans, pets and ninety nine percent of the items and furnishings on your property.

We use state of the art spraying and fogging equipment. However, it is our experienced technicians that are well trained in using our state the art equipment to properly apply the non toxic disinfectants and protective shield products.