Mold Cleanup/Remediation


Mold infestation can be harmful to ones health and to the structure of ones property. Unfortunately mold growth can occur at any given time with or with out one being aware of it. When you suspect there is a mold issue, it is important to address this issue at once before it gets worse, and using the right company makes all of the difference.

Remex/NoMold4Me has been in the mold testing and remediation business for over 2 decades. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our already top of the line services, which you will notice the first time you call us.

When you first call us, you will be transferred to a caring and experienced customer service representative who will ask you all the right questions and will know how to answer all your questions to your satisfaction. We will then advise you how to proceed with your mold issue.

In most cases we will recommend mold testing. Due to a conflict of interest, certain states have laws restricting a company from testing and remediating at the same location. Since the inception of our business, our company has been operating with these morals, way before these laws were in effect.

Whether we will test your prooerty or refer you to a different testing company, you will be ensured to have the most comprehensive and thorough testing available for mold (and other toxins if needed). After testing is done you will be furnished with a report or/and a personal consultation describing all the issues found in the areas tested and a protocol of how to properly remediate the mold.

When it comes to mold removal, the company you use makes all of the difference. At Remex/Nomold4me our technicians are trained in the latest techniques of mold removal. All of our technicians have a lot of mold removal experience using the most advanced state of the art machinary and equipment. Most of all, our technicians are caring and make sure every detail of the mold remediation is done the right way.

When your home is infected with mold it is essential to use a company with the most experience of removing mold the proper way. The right equipment is important but knowing how to properly use them and the proper maintenance of the equipment is of the utmost importance. We have over 22 years of experience with mold remediation & its Research & Development.

While other companies use air scrubbers which are easy to move around our company spends time moving in the best and the most powerful negative air scrubbers in the industry. We constantly sanitize our scrubbers and use the best filters to ensure your air is as clean as possible.

Our commercial low grain high power dehumidifiers are always running to ensure the work area is always kept dry.

All our mold removing equipment and machinery are designed to keep our technicians safe from injury and to do the most perfect job in removing mold.