air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

To clean air condition ducts most companies use a conventional vacuum system. Vacuum cleaners can mostly clean surfaces touched by the nozzle, the same is true inside a duct system. Although a vacuum system can have a major positive effect on most dirty ducts, it won’t get it clean enough. Companies offer this type of cleaning since it’s an easy and fast process which is very profitable.

Our company uses a system called Push Pull. This is the most effective and powerful system which consists of a 5000 CFM Negative Air Machine (pulling machine) to pull all the particles out of your duct system. At the same time, we have a powerful double engine air compressor to agitate & push all the dirt from the register to the pulling machine.

Air Ducts Cleaning Services have been starting to gain recognition in the industry. But have you ever wondered why there is a need for Air Ducts Cleaning Services? Before we come to that, let us first understand the very object of this matter – the air duct.

So what exactly is an Air Duct?

An air duct is a part of the ventilation and air conditioning system of a structure or building or house whose primary function is to transmit heated or cooled air into different sections of the house or building. Commonly made of sheet metal, air duct is a cubic or cylindrical hollow channel usually positioned in the wall or the floor. Air duct is connected to the central point of the temperature adjustment activity area. The heat energy created during the heating and cooling process, on the account of pressure, is set in motion through the air duct and then, distributed throughout the building.

And why is Air Ducts Cleaning Service from Air Duct Cleaning Pros Important?

Because the air duct functions from a place invisible to the eye, it has, without doubt, an enormous amount of different kinds of dirt stored in it in years or so. Besides that, most owners are ignorant that even such possibility exists. It is, therefore, important for every home owner to realize the importance of air duct cleaning.

How Often Should Air Duct Cleaning Pros Provide Air Ducts Cleaning Services?

As per recommendation by the industry standard, an air duct must be checked every couple of years and an Air Ducts Cleaning Service must be carried out at least every 5 years depending on the structure’s condition. Attending to this need consistently will not only bring the improved efficiency of your cooling and heating system and the quality of the air in your building or home, but will also reduce your expenses by trimming down your energy bills. If you haven’t tried checking your home’s air duct yet, then begin it now. You might have hidden accumulated dirt inside your home without you knowing it.

Air Ducts Cleaning Services: Advantages

Listed below are the advantages you can enjoy if you choose to conduct air duct cleaning at your home or building consistently.

Hygienic and Clean Environment

It is undeniable that having a clean environment sets you far from any diseases. Having your air duct cleaned at recommended frequency keeps your surrounding free from dust and dirt, whether freely visible or hidden. This enables you and your family to breathe fresher air.

Lessened Health-related Risks

Health is one’s greatest wealth. When you maintain your air duct clean, you are giving yourself and the whole of your family that greatest wealth. Air duct cleaning at regular interval lessens the risk of obtaining health problems, especially lung and skin diseases. This holds true particularly if you have children at home since their immune systems are still developing. Thus, they are more susceptible to attaining illnesses.

Improved Efficiency of Cooling/Heating System

Increasing amount of dirt and dust oftentimes leads to the malfunction of a household’s duct system. A study illustrates that a twenty one percent decrease in efficiency is brought about by every 0.042 inches buildup of dirt on the coil for cooling or heating. Having air duct cleaning conducted in your home will certainly make your system more functional and efficient.

Minimized Unnecessary Costs

In a number of different ways, the process of air duct cleaning helps in saving you from unnecessary expenses.

  1. Medical Bills. Because air duct cleaning eliminates dust, dirt, pests, hairs, and many other, it actually also eliminates the risk of getting sickness which are, in the first place, avoidable. This means you get to keep your money set aside for medical and hospital bills.
  2. Energy Bills. If nothing blocks the channel where heat or cold passes through, then you are ensured that your heating/cooling system does not exert extra energy. Hence, a maintained air duct slashes your energy bills.
  3. Other Repair Bills. When your furnace is suddenly having trouble, air duct cleaning is the first solution you should undertake. Try removing excess and accumulated dirt inside your air duct before resorting to more expensive solutions such as air conditioning system and the like.

Air Ducts Cleaning Services: When?

Air duct cleaning is one of a home or building maintenance necessities. But when is really the best time for this? During spring or fall is said to be the most appropriate time for air duct cleaning.

Industry standard recommends that every home should conduct air duct cleaning every five years at the very least.

However, cases in our homes are relative and many factors are to be considered first. To help you determine what the

rate of occurrence for air duct cleaning is best for you, some guidelines are enumerated below.

  1. Is your house uncomfortably cold?
  2. Air duct cleaning could eliminate considerable amount of dirt blockage which may have caused trouble with your furnace. This must be done before considering other costly solutions.
  3. Is your home newly constructed or renovated?
  4. Cleaning the air ducts in the newly constructed or renovated house should be on top of the to-do list upon moving. Doing so will remove the fiberglass pieces, drywall dusts, debris, and garbage that might block the air flow.
  5. Do you have moisture problem?
  6. Moisture is one of the contributors to the increase in molds in the air ducts. It is advised to prioritize disinfecting where the mold developed first. Then, have the entire duct cleaned, too.
  7. Are you expecting a baby soon?
  8. A new born baby is very delicate and vulnerable. Thus, if you are expecting a baby really soon, you must have your air duct cleaned as soon as possible. Because the lungs of a newborn baby are so little, the baby may get infected by any airborne pollutant so easily.
  9. Do you have household pets?
  10. Having hairy pets would mean more frequent need for air duct cleaning. Their hairs and stools just seem to get to the air ducts. The more your pets are, the more frequently should you have your air duct cleaned. This also holds true to having young kids at your home.
  11. Do you see dirty vents?
  12. The dirtiest parts of the room are those that are unseen. So just imagine how much dirt is stored inside the duct system when some of them are already visible outside. If you can already find those dusts, then you might need to consider getting into the dark and hidden and have your air duct cleaned

“MUST see to it that the cooling and heating system is free from asbestos-containing materials such as register boots and insulation.”

MUST unlock access ports so the whole system will be cleaned.

MUST keep the household furniture and carpets protected while cleaning.

MUST precisely brush the surfaces of ducts together with the contact vacuum cleaning to displace unnecessary particles.

MUST utilize vacuum equipment to dissipate fragments outside the house.

MUST utilize HEPA or the High Efficiency Particle Air vacuum equipment to dissipate fragments inside the house.

MUST only use soft brushes for sheet metal ducts lined within fiberglass and fiberglass duct board.

After having your air duct cleaned, you might want to check whether or not the service provider did a satisfactory or an unsatisfactory job with your air duct. Try to examine your newly cleaned air duct and check whether the following MUST’s are fulfilled.


The cooling coil’s sides MUST be both clean.

The coil drain pan MUST be clean and properly functioning.

The coil fins MUST be equally set apart and straight.

Light MUST shine through the opposite side when a flashlight is pointed to the coil.

The surface of the heat exchanger MUST be clearly clean.

There MUST not be any moisture and pollutants in the supply air plenum.

The filters MUST suit and function appropriately.

The return air plenum MUST be without any visible debris or dusts.

The blower compartment MUST be offloaded with visible debris or dusts.

The blower blades MUST be completely clean from debris and oil.

The grilles, registers and diffusers MUST be evidently clean.

All grilles, registers and diffusers MUST be securely refastened to the floors, walls or ceilings.

There MUST be no or at least very little air leakage through doors or covers when running the system.

The new access doors MUST be connected with greater than the duct tape only.

The surface of the interior ductwork MUST be clean and free of debris.

All of the fiber glass materials MUST be in good state.

The system MUST function as it should be in both cooling and heating modes after the air duct cleaning.

The whole cooling and heating system MUST be cleaned, which includes the ductwork, humidifiers, drain pans, fans, and coils.

The cooling coil’s sides MUST be both clean.

If all the above MUSTs have been complied with, then you sure are very fortunate to have a satisfactory quality of service in air duct cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning Pros: A Helpful Killer


Skin scales

Fungi, mildew and molds

Bacteria and viruses

Insects and insects’ feces

Animal dander or hair

Spore and pollen

Dust, dust mites, and dust mite feces

Construction debris, paint dust, drywall dust, fiberglass scraps

Synthetic fiber and carpet fiber

The above mentioned elements are all minute and little, seemingly helpless, and unlikely to cause any harm. However, when they grow into tremendously huge amount by being left unnoticed and forgotten inside the air ducts, they shall surprise you with its undesirable effects. But then again, when you kill the little elements stated beforehand, what you actually get to eliminate are the risks and sickness they may bring.

Enumerated below are some of the harmful effects and risks, which can also be killed by air duct cleaning along with
all the small elements mentioned above.

Respiration-related disease. Because they are all extremely tiny and diminutive, they can be easily breathed in by
the habitants.

This may cause illnesses and allergies related to breathing such as the following:

Respiration-related diseaseS:

cough, colds and flu

chest pain

nose irritation

asthma and its symptoms

wheezing and hypersensitivity

sinus congestion

Legionnaire’s disease

Skin-related diseases. Anything dirty and unclean, when comes in contact with the skin, can cause skin-related diseases.

Being most of the time invisible to the naked eye, they might reach your skin through the moving air without us knowing it.

Aside from the above classifications, they can cause other minor illnesses which are:

Other minor illnesses:


Eye irritation (Dusts may infect the eye while being moved in the air.)


Sore throat