About Us

Due to family health issues and with no real solution in sight, in 1998 our founding principle decided to study and become an indoor air quality environmentalist and take matters into his own hands. Successfully doing so, there was a major improvement with his families health issues. At that point Mike decided to open his own company and help others with their environmental issues. Grouping up with a partner who was experienced in customer service and running his own construction and cleaning company, was what started our company on the path of being the premier company in all indoor quality cleaning and testing services.

On a daily basis, our owners and managers are involved in researching and testing for best equipment, chemicals and items on the market that will help perform the highest quality job for our customers and keep our workers safe. Our priority will always be the safety of our clients and employees.

As great as our services are, we are constantly improving and training our technicians in using the most advanced equipment and educating them with all the latest advancements in the indoor air quality cleaning industry.

Besides for our outstanding services, our company is also known for our exceptional customer service. When you call us, you will be impressed with the knowledge of our customer service representatives. We will not only be friendly, courteous and answer your questions to your satisfaction, we will also ask you the right questions to administer the most perfect protocol & service for your environmental needs.

We strive for happy customers!