Flood Restoration

The dry out process of building materials such as sheetrock and plywood, carpets and furniture is critical to the health of yourself as well as your building. We pride ourselves in being the leading water damage mitigator because of the experience we have as well as keeping up to date with the latest technology & best available machinery on the market.

Response time is critical when it comes to water damage, responding quickly to reverse the damage done. It is our job to restore your property and get your life back to normal. This is our profession and we are good at it. Specializing in advanced drying and dehumidification techniques, we rapidly remove water and moisture from carpets, floors, and walls—minimizing the damage. The result can save property owners and insurance companies valuable time and money.

Flood Restoration Emergencies:

Flood Restoration: Emergency water extraction

Drying and dehumidification

Carpet and carpet cushion restoration – using the latest high-tech drying equipment.

Heat – Most companies do not use heat as a drying method because it is too expensive for them to consider the machinery.

No Remex does not spare any expense on our end to save your property from damage. 

We have the latest and best equipment that the market has to offer.

Whether your concerns involve a residential home, high-rise building, or a commercial facility, we are committed to providing quality service in any situation and solve all of your environmental needs.

Home, Office, or Basement Flooded? You are not alone!

Twenty-two out of every one-thousand households will experience a water-related disaster each year. Excess moisture not only damages your property, it also creates the perfect environment for mold to develop. The most effective way to protect your property from water and the threat of mold is to have it dried as quickly as possible. With the right flood restoration company, you can rest assured that mold will never be a possibility in your home or building.

With an emergency, it is not the time to be surfing the web for your water damage solution. Call Remex we are well qualified and prepared to limit the loss of your home which occurs from floods and mold.

Equipment and machinery in flood cases make a world of a difference. We only use the highest grade of equipment on the market with the most technologically advanced systems. This will assure that the damage from the flood will be reversed.

For instance – After the extraction of the water, we use high powered, commercial grade equipment to dry and clean out all carpets and furniture. We use a carpet cleaner which reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it will kill most bacterias left behind from the flood. Most restoration companies steam clean your carpet, which only gives off 160 degrees which is only enough to get rid of dirt in your carpet. After cleaning your carpets and furniture properly, our drying process surpasses every other technique. Drying the carpet properly is the trick to not getting mold grow in your carpet. Our technique will fully dry your carpet within the 1st few hours.

We are certified environmentalists specializing in indoor clean air quality who can eliminate mold, microbial contamination, mildew and fungi in the structure of your building including building materials, flooring and furniture and in your air duct systems.