Fire 2

Fire Damage Restoration

When a home has been damaged by a fire, the right type of equipment and the know-how to use them is detrimental for the cleanup, especially to help eliminate the odor! Odors will stubbornly set itself into all building materials and removing it can be very difficult.

Our company uses the most thorough of processes to remove the soot & the odor.
Steps for removing the odor properly:

First the source of the odor is removed. A lot of elbow grease is put into the project. Which includes content manipulation, building & structural safety, cartage, demolition & more. 

We then do an intense & thorough deep cleaning using machinery. When needed, we use a powerful dry ice blasters or particle blaster to shave all the damaged wood which will remove the stubborn odor locked into the wood.

It is important to know, we do not put chemicals to mask the odor. We have cutting edge technology that will eliminate the odor rather than encapsulate or mask the odor.

We then use a combination of the best fogging and spraying equipment that applies the proper chemicals with the correct strength to equally distribute the chemicals to every millimeter of building material and enter every crevice & every crack.

We have the latest air cleaners with special high tech filters which will remove all odors from the air. 

Any residual molecules will be broken down with a last application using a hydroxyl generator & a solution that breaks down the odor molecule.
This process is time consuming but well worth it. It works every time. Over the 23 years we have been in the field, we notice one thing: skipping steps will never ever pay off.