Water cleanup/ Mitigation

The process

When your home has a water damage occurrence it is important to get your home dry as soon as possible in order to avoid mold growth it is also important to hire a restoration company that has experience in working with insurance companies.

It starts from the moment you call us, we ask the proper questions and prepare the proper equipment to be delivered to your location. Our professional technicians will first protect all the floors, building materials and items that can be damaged by moving equipment and items.

A) The cleaning process starts with (For flooded basements) pumping all standing water from your floor

B) Removing all damaged items

C) Extracting water from the floor, carpets and rugs(if not damaged by contaminated water).

D) Removing water damaged building material (in many cases it can be dried without removal)

E) Installing the most powerful low grain commercial dehumidifiers and high power air blowers(fans). Remember the type of equipment used is detrimental in order to dry as fast as possible.

F) Antimicrobial wash the affected area.

G) install Ozone or … equipment to remove any type of odor that might still linger in the air.

While every company in our industry claims to have the latest high tech equipment. What makes our company different is we actually have the latest high tech equipment. When your home suffers water damage you want the latest most powerful equipment and the technicians who are most qualified to use it.

When every minute counts, we use the fastest and most powerful pumps to pump the water out of your basement.

When carpets and rugs are soaking wet we use the most powerful water extractors in the industry

In order to avoid mold growth when water reaches building materials, (especially sheetrock) it is extremely important to dry the walls, ceilings and floors as soon as possible. Depending on the temperature and humidity mold growth can begin within 48 hours. This is where Remex can help most. We operate the most powerful drying equipment that is available on the market today. Our state of the art fans, dehumidifiers and heating equipment will have your home dry in no time.

If your wood floors, kitchen cabinets and other furnishings were affected by water, we have the special machine attachments that will give you the best chance to save them.

After the water damaged area is dry and cleaned it often has an odor. We have the most powerful equipment, solutions & applications to clean the air and kill all harmful odors and toxins.