Should You DIY?

After performing an ocular inspection of your home and sniffing out the musty mold odor, and you find out that your house has mold growth, the next step is to remove the mold. The question now is whether you do it yourself or hire an expert in mold removal.

Several factors make this decision a tricky one:

  1. Extent of mold growth.
  2. Cost of mold removal.
  3. Effectiveness of the mold remediation.
  4. Mold growth prevention.

Now, let’s take a look at the two ways in which to approach your mold problem.

Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal

This option is definitely empowering. You find the mold and you get rid of it, it’s that simple, or is it?

Do-it-yourself mold removal has some advantages. First, if the mold growth is not something to worry about, you don’t waste valuable time and money on something you can fix yourself. Next, you control the cash out on the project. You only buy the tools you need for mold removal and not have to pay someone else to do it. An example of a mold inspection tool is a moisture probe to check the amount of moisture in porous building materials like dry wall, wood timber or plywood. There are also mold test kits available at local stores to collect mold samples for lab analysis.

The effectiveness of the mold removal will totally depend on you and your use of the mold removal tools and equipment. If you have a background in construction, you may be able to pull it off. If you follow the mold removal procedures step by step, you may be able to solve your own mold problem.

Mold prevention is another question. Part of it depends on your mold removal skills. Were you able to get rid of all the moldy parts? Did you find the hidden mold and remove it, too? Did you discard of the contaminated materials properly?

The rest of the prevention depends on what chemical you use to coat the previously infested surface. Applying several coats of paint will not do. Molds can eat through paint. Using detergent and bleach may keep the mold away for a short while, though.

Do-it-yourself mold removal may sound easy to you, but if done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good.

Mold removal requires the containment of the area to be remediated. Mold spores are easily spread because they are airborne. Improper containment can cause mold spores to spread to other parts of the house.

At first, the cost of do-it-yourself mold removal may seem less expensive. However, if you count the time and energy you spend on top of the materials, gas for driving to and from the different stores to get the materials and equipment,

it’s not worth it; especially if the whole project backfires because of lack of expertise. You may even have to miss a day or two of work just to complete the project or be present when the mold removal experts, you finally decided to hire, start working. That’s more than double the cost of hiring mold removal experts at the beginning.

Let’s assume that the do-it-yourself mold removal works out for you. How about the mold prevention? If you don’t do it right, your mold problem could come back to haunt you for another round.

Expert Mold Removal

Mold contamination is a serious issue. It has destroyed many homes and many lives when left to get out of hand. Expert mold removal includes precise assessment of the mold damage. When this is determined correctly, mold removal is done thoroughly, thus securing half of the mold prevention step.

At face value, it may appear more costly than do-it-yourself mold removal. Expert mold removal, however, assures you that the decontamination of your home is done properly by someone who knows what he’s doing, which saves everyone time and energy.

There are mold prevention techniques that professionals perform to make sure that mold growth does not recur for a long time.

We specialize in fixing water and moisture damage, which promotes mold growth. Once moisture is removed and mold removal is done, further mold growth and damage are prevented. Hire mold removal professionals for mold inspection and mold removal.