Molds and Real Estate

Almost everyone knows how damaging different types of mold can be to overall health. The diseases that different molds can cause to the human body have been well-documented, so people need to get rid of any type of mold whenever they surface at homes and offices. Another negative effect of these molds borders on annoyance and destruction. Molds cannot only cause damaging effects on a person’s health, they can also cause damage to homes, commercial properties and anywhere else they decide to call home.

Moisture or water intrusion is the leading cause of mold growth that appears indoors. Molds obviously cannot grow on themselves or begin growing all by themselves. They have to find the right environment suitable for their living, growing and thriving. That kind of sustaining growth environment is one that has high levels of moisture.

There are three ways in which moisture occurs in a property:

The first one is by direct water intrusion where water or other moisture leaks generate enough moisture for molds to grow and thrive. Some examples of direct water intrusion include: plumbing leaks, roof leaks, leaking windows that have been poorly sealed, backed up drains, as well as bath tubs and shower areas that have water run offs.
The second way moisture can occur in a property is called indirect water intrusion. Indirect intrusion is caused from rising dampness. Some examples of this origin include: moisture wicking from walls, furniture, antiques, carpets, concrete slabs, ground slabs and other sources.
The last type of moisture origin is called intermittent water intrusion. This type of moisture is caused by condensation that comes from sources such as: vaporizers, high levels of steam, too little ventilation in a certain area, faulty windows, high levels of humidity and humidifiers.

One obvious effect of the growth of molds when they are located inside buildings is that they can cause damage to property or to the construction materials that make up a home, office or establishment. Naturally, molds are made to induce the process of decomposition on anything where they grow. Once molds are left to grow and thrive, they will eventually destroy everything on which they grow. The destruction mold creates has no boundaries and leaves no survivors so it is important to make sure areas in the home, office or establishment are free of moisture and possible water intrusion.

However, despite the destructiveness that molds can bring to properties and personal effects, their destruction of construction materials and other items can be diminished and can even be completely prevented. In order to eliminate the likelihood and even prevent molds from growing, one must control the causes of mold contamination and growth, and that is to keep levels of moisture down. Property owners and maintainers must be proactive to be able to limit the damage that molds cause to their property.

If mold growth is suspected, it cannot be ignored. This issue of mold growth must be addressed immediately by enlisting the help of mold removal professionals. A common mistake most people make is that they think only the molds they can see are the only ones that exist or are the only problematic ones. This is not true. Unseen or hidden molds in various of the home can sometimes cause the most damage because they are not always detected in a timely manner, thus the mold colony grows to high levels.

To properly remove molds, they must be removed completely from all materials that they have contaminated. The correct mold removal procedures should be followed and appropriate mold prevention techniques should be applied.

Otherwise, those molds will continue to grow and destroy.

With all the information given about the damaging effects of molds on properties, it is crucial that professional mold removal experts are hired to get rid of these molds in properties. Always keep in mind that the mold removal process should not be done by anyone other than a professional. This kind of specialized work should be left to experts who know how to deal with such dangerous and destructive molds. Mold removal experts should always be contacted if there is even just a suspicion of mold growth in any property for the right mold damage assessment and remediation.