Mold and Health

Keep your family healthy. Remove mold from your home.
Molds are one of the many types of fungi that develop in the form of hyphae, which are groups of multi cellular filaments. Although some types of molds have an important role in the process of biodegradation, or could be used in the production of some essential enzymes, antibiotic medicine, or beverages and food, most of the molds that are around are destructive and pose severe negative effects to the human body.

Researchers have found serious health effects resulting from excessive exposure to mold. These negative effects can be among the following sicknesses, but not limited to:

  1. flu and its symptoms
  2. getting weary and tired
  3. fever
  4. diarrhea
  5. excessive vomiting
  6. migraines
  7. coughing blood
  8. nosebleeds
  9. headaches

Other severe effects may also happen when workers are constantly exposed to huge amounts of mold in their workplace. For instance, farmers who work their way through hay infested with mold can develop rashes and flu-like symptoms.

Many of these symptoms may disappear when mold exposure is minimized. However, some of these negative effects to the human body may become permanent. An example of a permanent effect is severe memory loss. This occurrence was illustrated by the case of a Texan couple, whose house was quarantined due to extreme mold infestation in their home. The husband developed this mental problem, along with stomach aches, vomiting, respiratory scars and constant vomiting. The couple’s son also experienced symptoms of mold exposure.

With the severity of the effects of constant exposure to molds, some people resort to extreme and dangerous methods to try and rid themselves of their growing mold problem. A family from California was exposed to severe mold contamination and claimed that this excessive exposure resulted to their illnesses which included respiratory diseases, nose bleeding, and rashes. They believed that by burning their house to rubble, the cost would be minimal compared to having mold removal experts cleanup the mold in their home. What they did was so wrong, as burning the house meant burning their memories and changing their lives forever not knowing that even a new home is susceptible to mold contamination. Plus, the contents of the house like clothes, furniture and memorabilia that they removed from the house before burning it carry mold spores that can contaminate the new house. Expert mold removal would have cost them less and saved their home.

Another reason why molds are so annoying is that most molds can cause food to spoil when they grow on food that’s not properly covered or stored. When moldy food is ingested, it can cause a series of symptoms like vomiting, rashes and migraines. Worse symptoms can be observed if the food was contaminated by toxic mold. According to the World Health Organization, about twenty five percent of the food of the world is contaminated by mycotoxins, poisonous chemicals produced by molds. Grains such as rice and wheat are examples of food commonly contaminated with mold.

Some of these pathogens and mycotoxins greatly diminish the nutritional quality of these grains. These mycotoxins can also cause cancer and other diseases that can become permanent if not treated immediately.

Thus, with all the reasons stated above, mold removal is crucial to protect the health of the family. Some think that doing their own mold removal is okay. However, most do-it-yourself mold removal activities can cause more harm than good. For instance, improper containment of the mold infested area can cause large amounts of mold spores to spread to other areas of the house. Another instance is risking the exposure of family members to high levels of mold spores.

With an expert doing the mold removal, the proper procedure is sure to be followed. The area that is contaminated with mold would be contained properly to avoid spreading to other parts of the house. Family members who are more sensitive to mold exposure have to leave the premises during the process to avoid further inhalation of mold spores and toxins. Areas that are inaccessible can be cleaned up by experts using professional tools and equipment for mold removal, making sure to preserve parts of your home that are not completely mold infested. In the long run, expert mold removal is a much less costly option in keeping your family healthy and your home mold free.