Basement Mold Removal

Basement Mold Removal

Molds spores that float in the air are dormant molds. Once they land on a damp surface they start to grow at a rapid rate. In about 2 days, the mold growth becomes visible. The manifestation of mold growth is a discoloration on the surface. There are varied colors like green, purple, blue, yellow and black. Areas that are home to molds are bathrooms, sinks, window sills, roofs, basements and walls.

High humidity areas with temperatures between 40 degrees and 100 degrees Fahrenheit are suspect areas for mold growth. This temperature range is just right for molds to grow and start an infestation. If your basement is in this condition, it would not be a surprise to find mold infestation in it. In this case, it would be wise to look for signs of mold growth.

Warning signs of mold growth are visible discoloration on the walls, floor or things stored in the area. A sign of hidden mold growth is musty odor. Even though there are no discolorations or visible signs, you may have mold growth if you smell a musty or “old” odor in the area. Another sign to look for is a source of moisture, like a leak or condensation.

You may wish to test your basement for mold if you have any of the warning signs of mold growth. Mold test kits can be use by homeowners to test for mold. However, whether the mold is toxic or not mold removal always necessary. A mold inspection may also be in order if you or any member of the household manifest allergic reactions that cannot be attributed to food or chemical allergies.

Toxic molds can grow in humid basements. These molds release mycotoxins that can cause severe allergic reactions to those who have weak immune systems. In some cases, mold infestation in the home can cause serious health damage.

Though not all molds are toxic, molds that are dead or dormant can still cause allergic reactions like sneezing, itching or dizziness.

The best way to keep mold from growing in your basement is to keep humidity low and the area dry. The level of difficulty in maintaining a mold free basement may vary on the cause of moisture. Moisture in the basement is due to several different factors. These factors determine the mold removal techniques to use and mold prevention steps to take.

Increasing ventilation is an effective way of minimizing moisture in the basement. Install exhaust fans in areas in your basement where you can. You may also install a dehumidifier to lower the humidity of the room. In addition, you can wipe a surface dry whenever you see moisture on it.

Check for leaks. When there’s a leak, mold is most likely to be hiding and growing somewhere near. Leaks are not found out right away because they usually start small. Once the leak is found, fix the leaky plumbing first to remove the source of moisture. After the cause of the moisture has been taken out, have an expert perform mold removal. Areas near and around the leak must be thoroughy check for mold infestation.

Cleaning is an effective step in lowering the number of mold spores in the basement and other areas of the house.

Regular house cleaning may not obliterate the mold in your house, but at least, that would help lessen the number of mold spores. Regular cleaning should be done, especially in areas where mold would likely grow. Vacuuming helps suction mold spores in the air and on surfaces. Just be sure to use good filters and seals.

Using bleach and detergent may temporarily remove mold. However, for effective mold removal, you must hire experts.

Painting over a moldy surface does not kill mold. In fact, there have been cases of mold growing underneath the paint or mold eating the paint.

In some states, tenants who have mold in their homes can ask their landlords to hire a mold remediator. Congruently, there are laws against landlords concealing mold growth in their rental properties. Possible tenants should be made aware as mold infestation can spell health and property damage. As soon as mold growth is discovered, tenants have to inform their landlords of this so proper action can be taken.