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Mold hides after the storm a fungus, thrives in damp and humid environments, making flooded areas particularly susceptible to its growth. As such, exploring where mold grows after flooding is critical, shedding light on the hidden havens that can harbor this potential health hazard.

Top 10 Places Mold Hides After the Storm

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New York City experienced catastrophic flooding over the weekend, a distressing event that damaged structures and belongings. Additionally, the water intrusion set the stage for the stealthy invasion of mold.…

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While outdoor allergens like pollen often receive the blame for these discomforts, poor indoor air quality can significantly exacerbate seasonal allergies. Let's explore the link between poor indoor air quality and seasonal allergies and provide valuable tips to mitigate the effects of subpar air quality on your health.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

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With the Fall season upon us, seasonal allergies are top-of-mind for many in the New York metropolitan area. Typical symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, and coughing, are a…

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